NOMA (National Organization of Minority Architects) Detroit Chapter Mission

Conscious of the continuing deteriorating physical, economic, social and political fabric of this country, we as architects are concerned with the state of the environment of all people and uniquely concerned with the state of people of color in America. As people of color in architecture, we have come together to define solutions which will insure a healthy living and working environment for the total community.

We find as people of color in architecture, a commonality of purpose and experience that warrants our combined efforts in the advancement of our profession, our respective activities in it, and the needs of the communities we serve.

The people of color in architecture are qualified to provide professional services in all areas of our environment, but because of our particular sensitivity to the minority community, we are uniquely qualified to provide services and solve problems therein. By consolidating our thinking, economic power, political power and other resources, our ability to achieve these goals is greatly enhanced.

To these ends, we establish this organization which is built on the bonds of the common professional interests that brings us together; and, equally, on the bonds of friendship and fraternity that will sustain and enrich our association. 

We have organized to contribute our knowledge and expertise, and join hands with other organized disciplines to address problems confronting our communities.      

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