Flint Water Crisis Final Report from the Flint Water Advisory Task Force

As a convenience for our members and the public in communities of color in southeast Michigan,  we are posting the Final Report of the Flint Water Advisory Task Force appointed by Governor Rick Snyder.  NOMA-Detroit believes that this report is newsworthy and relevant to NOMA Detroit's mission with respect to environmental quality of life for minorities in Southeast Michigan. 

The first sentence of the Executive Summary states:

β€œThe Flint water crisis is a story of government failure, intransigence, unpreparedness, delay, inaction, and environmental injustice.”

NOMA-Detroit would like the facts, conclusions and recommendations of this report to become a catalyst for continuing discourse on the many issues raised that concern our client communities.

Review the report  HERE. It does a great job summarizing the events, people involved, each entities responsibility, what they did wrong, and provides suggestion on how to fix the problem within each entity.